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Is Financial Freedom

one of your top goals?

Want to achieve

a better work / life balance?

Are you an Ambitious

business owner who wants to scale?

Are you looking

for a way to scale quickly?

The Scale Up Academy

For ambitious business owners who want to fast track success

This is a 6 – 12 month in depth programme working with our consutants so you can scale your business with confidence.

What you should expect to achieve


Ideal client clarity and targeting

We begin working through the Ideal Client Discovery process so you are clear and confident that you are focusing on the right client. Here you’ll develop specific criteria so that you can target and find your ideal clients with ease developing messaging that resonates with them.


A simple repeatable system

A common-sense approach to create, refine and automate a realistic business model that will allow you to create a consistent flow of clients, speed up your service delivery, eliminate resource wastage, reduce costs and simplify your delivery systems. Work less and make more.


ROI-focused fees and positioning

How to take your expertise, package, position and price and present it in a clear structured way so that it aligns with what your ideal clients want to buy. You’ll learn how to communicate value to your ideal clients which will allow you to increase your revenue significantly.


Sales channel clarity and targeting

Develop a marketing system that allows you to consistently attract your ideal clients. These sales channels work for you 24/7. You’ll be able to get the attention and interest of your ideal clients and this will develop a consistent flow of leads.

Your business will only be successful if every department is effective.
That’s strategy, finance, operations and staff all working in perfect harmony.

There Is A Cost To Inaction

Success can only come from taking strategised action towards your goals. Repeating the old and not updating your business model will slow your growth where you are literally losing money.

What is in-action costing you?

Unlock the hidden revenue from your business by completing the below

A Sneak Preview

Watch 2 sessions of Our Live Training From Our MyGrowthPod platform.

Scale up
Start Up

Ensure you achieve the success you want.

Take the smart route to success

Every day, week, and month you don’t make significant progress towards your goals is lost opportunity. Literally, money (sometimes a lot of it) sitting on the table. You have a choice!

1: You can stay doing what you are currently doing and continue to get the same results.

2. You can apply for our Scale Up Programme and start reaching your desired income goals.
It’s up to you.

If you want to take the next step and scale your business to over 7 figures you’ve come to the right place. Give us a call today: +44 (0)207 193 9207

 What People Are Saying

CPG are experienced and skilled business growth specialists who helped grow and shape a number of businesses based at our centre.

They also delivered excellent workshops/seminars on topics including Sales & Negotiations.



Naima Omasta-Milsom

Exec Director, London Business Partnership

I found CPG’s sessions to be extremely comprehensive with powerful tools and resources. The energy is infectious and I came away feeling empowered in strategy implementation and sales techniques. It really does get your business where you want it to be with effective use of time and resources. The pace was brilliant with good interaction and overall a very worthwhile benefit to both me and the company.

Annie Georgi


CPG’s practical and easy-to-understand lessons are so inspiring that all you need to do… is just do it! With “down to earth” attitude and “sharing is caring” vibes, CPG mentors share their wisdom & life lessons with you – and even get to answer all the (personal) question on the way – so this is why I’m an addict to listen to more & more!

Nadav Raviv

CEO, Link Big Ltd

Working with ambitious business owners like you to:

Devise a clear strategy and uncover your key business objectives

Build the infrastructure you need to scale

Embed a culture of growth, creativity and innovation

Create a sales and business development strategy that get results

Gain financial control and become more profitable

How to utilise the latest technology to grow, communicate and scale

 Let’s scale together

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