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Stress free

growth for ambitious business owners

Is Financial Freedom

one of your top goals?

Are you looking

for a way to scale quickly?

Want to achieve

a better work / life balance?

Are you ready to

transform your business?

The Growth Circle

Stress free growth for ambitious businesses

This is a short series of  strategy sessions designed to identify and remove and barriers to your business’s growth. 

Thanks to our experience and comprehensive toolkit, you’ll quickly get to the heart of the problem and remove it.

Together we’ll unlock your growth potential and give you the clarity you need to solve your business challenges.

We’ll provide you with an easy action plan for growth that will ensure your reach your business goals and ambitions.

Your business will only be successful if every department is effective.
That’s strategy, finance, operations and staff all working in perfect harmony.

There Is A Cost To Inaction

Success can only come from taking strategised action towards your goals. Repeating the old and not reviwing your business model will slows your success and you literally lose money.

What is in-action costing you?

Unlock the hidden revenue from your business by completing the below

How You Get The Results That You Want

Through our specialist business health mapper you will quickly build strength and gain the skills to accelerate success.

Develop a clear action plan ensuring your concentrate on the critical factors for your business's growth allowing you to scale with ease.

Build consistency in your sales and generate more income from existing customers.

Get control of your cashflow, learn about the right sort of funding to gain your financial freedom.

Build a sustainable and automised business strategy to scale your business quickly and achieve the success you want.

Develop a team of happy employees who work with you to accelerate your businessess though collaboration and teamwork.

Create a better work/life balance with a happy and energised team who are talented and ready for action.

Business success is achieved when you are living a life of freedom on your terms.

For many, this means creating an independant business model that generates a lucrative income and free’s up your time allowing you to focus on yourself or growing your company further.

Working with a support system that you trust, you can overcome your fears, build your confidence and focus on building sustainabale sales strategies, employing the right team members and deliver the results you know your business can achieve.

You’ve come here as you’ve realised working with us will accelerate your dreams. You’re ready to take the next step, take control and take action.

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 What People Are Saying

I have been working with CPG for the last 3 years now which has been instrumental in helping my company go from strength to strength. I have worked personally with Helen each month to put strategies in place across the business from management to operations and sales. We have also done some full day sales workshops with our sales team to get a better understanding of who we are targeting. Helen’s thorough and calm approach has meant that we have been able to grow quickly and with direction.

Emily Few Brown

Managing Director, SPOOK

Helen helped me create a clear business strategy giving clarity on direction. She helped me focus on the things that would deliver high value for my clients and in my business. Together we improved the overall systems and procedures by developing a new project timeline. With this document I could see all projects and stages and staff input on tasks in just one document. Helen’s energy and enthusiasm is infectious and I found her very useful in holding me accountable in my business. Enjoyed it too!

Paul Vick

Owner, Paul Vick Architects

Thank you so much for the incredible programme I have been fortunate enough to be part of. It is a fantastic resource for small businesses. Thank you in particular for introducing me to so many people, I have made some very useful connections and in turn have been able to connect other people. I love the energy and enthusiasm in the group and always feel welcome, it is a great environment to meet new people and learn. I hope it continues to go from success to success for many years to come.

Miles Hawkins

Senior Consultant, PK Group

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