“Nobody needs to be alone in business”

Inspiring, educating, and nurturing entrepreneurs to thrive.


We believe that entrepreneurship is the greatest journey in life. This conviction is the driving force behind the creative, energetic, and engaging business frameworks we have designed to accelerate success.

The only fast-track business growth consultancy with a successful, accredited 360° eco business training system. We work with ambitious go-getters, worldwide, who want to break free from being a slave to their business in a time poor, uncertain, ever changing world. 

Meet the founders

Helen Roberts, Founder & CEO

“Entrepreneurship is the vehicle to help you live the life you want on your terms. It’s amazing to see the creativity and ingenuity displayed by ambitious business owners. They inspire me every day to give my best.”


Helen is a multi-award winning fast growth strategist for SME’s. Her passion lies in helping people to become the best they can be, doing what they love. Helen is an entrepreneur and business expansion strategist with a 20-year track record of success, providing business owners with opportunities to learn and grow.

Helen has spent the last decade studying and observing the psychology of influence. Interviewing 1000’s of successful business owners to understand human behaviour and how it relates to creating success across business and personal transformation.

She has built and invested in multiple successful businesses across a variety of industries. Helen has coached, mentored trained, and supported thousands of people across all industries and worked with all levels of business including corporate entities, small and medium-sized enterprises & startups on 4 continents. Her expertise is in; leadership & peak performance, business scale-ups, sales & marketing strategies & talent management.

Ray Lavery, Founder & Cio

“I am proud of the genuine impact we have on the businesses and people we help. We really care about each individual and truly want them to achieve their goals in both business and personal life.”


Having started my first business at 16 I have been through every conceivable business environment. I have built businesses that generated multi-millions in revenue and have had some that failed too.

I have gone through multiple recessions, and booms and have done this across multiple industries internationally. Each one of those projects was a sharp learning curve and it taught me what to do and what to avoid.

I know what it is like to sit in the big chair. The joy, the frustration, and sometimes the stress of it all.

I believe in keeping this simple repeatable and easy to implement. That minimalist approach cuts out the distraction and allows business leads to concentrate on the critical factors that really deliver success.

Values we live by


Our dream is to create long-lasting success for people with the amition to match ours.


We ensure long-lasting success by creating a roadmap for your ongoing evolution.


We love approaching everything personally and with lots of energy; solving challenges from the inside out.


If it’s not exciting we wouldn’t do it. The greater the challenge the more we relish the opportunity.


We want to be the spark that ignites action, encourage authenticity and love for life.


We are bubbling up with excitement and are dedicated to help you live your purpose.


Toolbox of tangible lasting change, clearning roadblocks to unleash your new powerful future.


Step-by-step, we’ll help you conquer the summit with a tailored journey of activities to help you realise your business potential.


Delivering constant intelligent responses to change, with an insatiable appetite to psh teh boundaries of what is possible.

Top Notch

We operate at an unbelievably high standard. We do the hard yards and over-achieve for all our clients.

How we help  you to succeed

Our Knowledge

Experts in scaling businesses quickly and organically, matching your goals and ambitions.

Our Results

We are only as successful as our clients, and we’ve got a lot of them!


We are all business owners too and have built successful businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Our Community

You’re never alone. Join our community of business owners just like you. 

Our Network

We’ve spent years developing and nurturing our network so you get the contacts you need.

online Delivery platform

We have an extensive digital support platform packed with tools, resources, and video how-tos.

“We believe that entrepreneurship is the greatest journey in life. That’s why we develop creative, energetic, engaging business frameworks to accelerate success.”

Helen Roberts, Founder & CEO, CPG Executive Consulting Ltd