Samanta Bullock

Founder of SB Shop| Award Winner| Power 100 Most Influential Disabled People in the UK |Diversity and Inclusion Activist | Wheelchair Model | Public Speaker.

Helen sits as a non-executive board director providing crucial guidance, strategy and support.

Sam is passionate about inclusive fashion and leading a healthy and active lifestyle. She lives in London and shares her knowledge and life experiences to raise awareness of inclusion, fashion, and healthy lifestyles. She has been a wheelchair user since 1992 and played wheelchair tennis from 2003 until 2009 representing Brazil and winning a doubles silver medal at the 2007 Para Pan Am Games. She retains her interest in physical activity and sport as an ambassador for Parallel Global. 

As part of a fashion revolution, Sam launched her own brand Samanta Bullock Shop with a focus on the universal design of clothes, in June 2019, with the strong message of #fashionforall. She collaborates with renowned designers such as Gunda Hafner, Peter Twiss, Rua Luja, Bekoffee, Amaella, Contessina London, Caroline London, London Organic, and many others to spread the word about diversity and inclusion in fashion. 

On her journey, Sam has performed on the most prestigious catwalks in the world including London Fashion Week, Fashions Finest, International Dubai Fashion Week, Spoken London Fashion Week, and New York Fashion Week.

Her mission is to make fashion more accessible to everyone as well as more representative and to work towards this Sam has been speaking at a number of conferences, events, and in schools. Fashion has the power to normalise things and embrace equality.  It has been hard work pushing for inclusion but the journey is a  meaningful one and she is making improvements in the inclusion of disabled people as part of her legacy.

Richmond Council

We set up and ran 2 Phoenix Enterprise Programme business awards competitions. Local businesses competed to win as the best across multiple categories. It gave the council and the winners a lot of PR and notoriety.  

Our current programme will hold an art exhibition for Richmond artists, which will open November 7th 2023. Local artists can submit their work, and our curator will pick the top one to display. Artists can also sell their work. Other local restaurants will also display the art after the exhibit to continue to promote art and community.  

Hounslow Council

We created the Brentford Arts Mosaic programme, where children and families from across the borough came to create their own piece of art which was created into one large mosaic and now proudly hangs in the Digital Dock co-working space. 100’s of families participated. 

We also created additional art workshops where adults came to express themselves in art.  

We provided a mental health and well-being programme and expert who assisted anyone in need free of charge for 2 sessions.  

Redbridge Council

We created 2 additional start-up programmes, to help young local budding entrepreneurs start up. These were whole-day events where participants walked out with a completed business plan. 

We sat on the board of the chamber of commerce to bring in new members, promote their activities, and bring the community closer together.

“We believe that entrepreneurship is the greatest journey in life. That’s why we develop creative, energetic, engaging business frameworks to accelerate success.”

Helen Roberts, Founder & CEO, CPG Executive Consulting Ltd