Case Study: Wandsworth DigiTech

In February 2017 we were asked by Wandsworth Borough to build a Digitech network for Wandsworth. Wandsworth Council knew that technology related businesses are the key to building a strong business environment for the future. Regardless of your sector every business is now a tech business.

Feedback from the initiative

In the 10 months that the programme has run, we have built a stable and strong network of tech professionals in the borough.

We are thrilled with the feedback from the community members who are delighted to now have a regular network in Wandsworth where they can attend to meet with their tech peers and hear about the latest trends in technology.

We have seen the interest in the network accelerating and as our marketing expanded we have seen the number of people join increase.

We have received excellent support from existing businesses in the network and we have seen through our feedback forms that the events have really helped tech businesses grow and create new connections.

Members were very impressed that the initiative was funded by the council and were very appreciative. Many people commented that they liked the fact that they didn’t have to travel to East London to meet other tech enthusiasts so loved that it was local.

Objectives for the project:

What we did:

Enable Wandsworth based businesses to access appropriate support provided by other public funded programmes or commercial providers

Address key barriers to developing or growing the tech enterprise

Enhance skills or knowledge in key emerging tech sectors and themes

Provides a platform for networking, sharing of knowledge, expert advice, mentoring and support

Brings experienced and novice tech enterprises together to encourage collaboration and problem-solving

Develops a legacy of a self-sustaining network with strong leadership and a schedule of meetings/events that is likely to extend beyond the lifetime of this initial project

We created a brand and website for Wandsworth DigiTech (

We created monthly networking events across the borough to connect local tech and Digital businesses

We provided 6 master classes of support based on the greatest challenges as defined by The Tech Nation Report

We put in place expert mentors who could assist Members with their business challenges

We engaged with our partners to assist in building the programme

We engaged 6 champions who will continue to run the programme for the future

We held 1 one day high profile Tech event for the borough. This was the flagship event for the programme highlighting our achievements and bringing focus to Wandsworth for tech related support

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