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“We are all sceptical when we hear that there is a “free seminar” and loathe as business owners to give up, what little free time we have. It was lucky that I ignored my initial scepticism and launched into the program that Richmond Council initiated in conjunction with CPG, Richmond Foodies.”

Stanojka Mrkic, Coffee & Cake Co

Case Study: Coffee & Cake Co.

How Coffee & Cake Co café moves from a loss making
position to making record profits in just 5 months…

About the client & key challenges

Stana ran a café called The Bakery and got in touch as turnover had dropped significantly and the business was not doing well. She was very concerned about its future and felt she lacked a clear direction as to what she should or could do. This was Stana’s first business and felt she was out of her depth; didn’t know what she was doing wrong and didn’t know what to do to make it work.

The business was not making enough cash, and was not profitable.

She had some quality loyal customers however not nearly enough to break even. There was a lack of space in the café to make the numbers work at the time and she had a limited range of food products. Competition was fierce in the neighbourhood so she was finding it hard to compete. The upside was; Stana had great quality coffee and food products although limited in range and had an excellent team.


Business name change

Implemented a clear sales & marketing strategy including online and offline mediums

Created some clear USPs to differentiate from competitors and attract more customers

Increased sales for in store customers and take away creating record results. Sold more to existing customers, brought in new customers

Opened a commercial B 2 B wholesale revenue stream

Increased the food product range and provided offerings for; breakfast, lunch, dinner and afternoon treats and catered for thechildren’s market

Batched products together to create an upsell and offers for quiet periods to bring more people in

Brought cake making in house which has become the flagship product for the business

Automated finances – to have access to real time information to be able to make better decisions

Brought in a partner and locked in to the business which has created more time

Improved the shop front and store layout attracting more customers

Created a social media presence and engagement

Gained more reviews from online mediums and gained presence on google maps

Developed a customer loyalty programme

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