Utilising a proven pathway to build success quickly.

Instinctively you know you can do it but feel overwhelmed and are missing some of the know-how.

Getting some outside assistance could be a good step forward.

Guided live by successful entrepreneurs, it is a unique blend of live training, mentorship, and discussion all backed up by a powerful business platform centered around growth.

We raise the bar with our business strategy where you focus on a new set of skills and tools that allow you to scale with confidence. This means developing leadership skills, learning how to attract and inspire your team while strengthening your business infrastructure. 

You will expand into new markets, attract bigger deals and continue to innovate your products and services to build sustainable growth. This includes implementing eco-friendly business models that will help drive ethical practices.

Hear how Emily broke the 1-million barrier…

I have been working with the team for the last 3 years now which has been instrumental in helping my company go from strength to strength. I have worked personally with Helen each month to put strategies in place across the business from management to operations and sales. We have also done a couple of full-day sales workshops with our sales team so they can get a better understanding of who we are targeting. Helen’s thorough and calm approach has meant that we have been able to grow quickly and with direction.


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Areas we focus on for Growth & Success


You’ve cracked sales, now its time to build a team that can expand a business alongside you. The Break 1 Million provides the tools, strategy, and wisdom necessary to scale with confidence, with a deep learning process to draw on.


Learn how to do more in less time. Gain confidence in your leadership skills and build a high performance culture.  This allows you to build and develop a team of go-getters that are productive, happy, and motivated to stay and grow with you. 


Innovating and expanding your horizons allows you to quickly seize better growth opportunities and stay ahead of your competitors. This helps you build consistency, reduce your risk, whilst developing new products and opening new markets.


Scaling requires a strong cashflow position and the right kind of funding. Navigating finances can be complex. It is therefore imperative to understand the options and put in place the right funding model to facilitate growth. 


Brand evolution is necessary to keep you modern and ontrend. It is an extremely effective way to keep your customers engaged and build communities which  raises the value of your offer.


Create better pricing to facilitate higher margins & increased profitability. Protect your IP. Strengthen infrastructure & technology to create complete visibility & maximise business exits. 

“We believe that entrepreneurship is the greatest journey in life. That’s why we develop creative, energetic, engaging business frameworks to accelerate success.”

Helen Roberts, Founder & CEO, CPG Executive Consulting Ltd